Donnerstag, Juli 20, 2006

Ich träume von einer Gemeinde ...

I DREAM OF A CHURCH... (By Dan Kimball)

  1. that reaches the broken world to bring a healing that can only come from Jesus Christ
  2. that does not get caught up in technicalities and politics but stays focused on the Lord
  3. that helps me understand
  4. that is more about helping others than about us
  5. that listens to the Holy Spirit and is bigger than man's efforts
  6. is honest and open-minded rather than self-righteous and dogmatic OR has donuts. I will be OK with either.
  7. who is loving and unafraid
  8. accepts people where they are in life and not just when they have achieved a level of "spiritualness"
  9. grows in the knowledge of God and His love for the world
  10. lifts up Jesus and redeems things like the environment, stewardship, the arts and philosophy
  11. that prays for one another
  12. that serves others, feeds the hungry, visits the sick and imprisoned
  13. lives a diversity of thoughts, opinions, ages, worship expressions and celebrates the differences
  14. is a soft place to fall; that is a daily part of my life; that doesn't feel like a wall; that is the heartbeat of Christ
  15. that knows me and loves me anyway
  16. impacts the community around them so that it can be a light for Jesus in people's lives
  17. that gets lost in worshiping Jesus and lingers in His presence
  18. that is the church throughout the week and not just on Sunday
  19. that is real and where people are not fake and has a passion to serve those in need
  20. acts like a family, reaches out to community, accepts all people
  21. that Jesus would be proud of
  22. that changes lives by drawing people to Christ
  23. whose whole heart is consumed with Christ and flows to others
  24. that is completely outward focused and selfless
  25. that will challenge our minds to learn God's Word and support each other in our walks with God
  26. that doesn't isolate and separate ourselves from "this bad world"
  27. that is my family and my home
  28. that has a love for the untouchables of our era


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